Rope Rules

Dynomites has a number of ropes available for member use. Please adhere to the following rope rules when using the Dynomites ropes:

  1. Your use of the Dynomites ropes is at your own risk.
  2. Dynomites ropes are for the use of Dynomites members who have paid their full annual membership for the calendar year.
  3. During term time, the rope availability is limited in the evenings from 6pm onwards except to those participating in Fundamentals, Development Squad or Talent Programme. Otherwise, Dynomites members may use the Dynomites ropes at Hangdog at any time in compliance with all rules following.
  4. Members may borrow a rope to use elsewhere in compliance with all rules following, providing:
    • They first let the Secretary know when the rope will be removed and returned.
    • During term time, the rope is not absent from Hangdog durning the evenings from 6pm onwards unless requested and agreed with the Secretary in advance.
    • If used outdoors:
      • the rope is kept on a tarp to protect it from dirt;
      • details of the rope's use are given to the Secretary afterwards to be kept in the Dynomites Ropes Log;
      • the rope is washed and fully dried before being returned (If you don't know how to do this safely, find out. Some cleaning and drying methods would render the rope unsafe! Do not hang the rope to dry as the weight of the water will stretch the rope fibers.).
  5. A member may use the ropes with one or two climbing partners who are not members, but may not use the ropes with a larger group of climbers who are not members. (All use shortens the life of a rope; the ropes were purchased by the club for the benefit of Dynomites members current and future.)
  6. For your safety and to prolong the life of the ropes, use the ropes with care. For example, change ends or use other means to rest the rope after falls; avoid running the rope over abrasive rock.
  7. Members are responsible for their own safety. In particular: 
    • You are responsible for ensuring that your belaying and climbing methods and those of your climbing partners are safe.
    • Dynomites Youth climbers are not permitted to lead belay unless the Dynomites Secretary has confirmation from Hangdog staff that the individual has a Hangdog lead belay licence.
    • Dynomites coaches, parents and volunteers are not permitted to supervise lead belaying at Hangdog unless the Dynomites Secretary has confirmation from Hangdog staff that the individual has a Hangdog lead belay licence.
    • You are responsible for ensuring that the equipment you use, including the Dynomites rope, is safe and appropriate to use together and safe and appropriate for your purpose. 
    • You are responsible for checking the Dynomites ropes for damage and wear before each use. If you don't know how to do this, ask your coaches.
    • You are responsible for checking that the rope you use is long enough for your purposes. The Dynomites ropes vary in length, and may be shortened by a few metres during their lifetime if the ends are cut off due to wear. The two orange Tendon Smart ropes purchased December 2012 might not be long enough for a route at Hangdog traversing several walls. To avoid the end of the rope running through your device when belaying or abseiling, tie a stopper knot with a tail in both ends of the rope.
  8. Before you leave the gym, check that all Dynomites ropes have been put away. Dynomites ropes have been left out on occasion, which risks loss and damage.
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