Policy and Constitution


Dynomites are committted to providing a safe environment for all - coaches, athletes, the committee, parents and the wider whanau.  Our policies underpin this commitment by making clear our expectations, procedures, health and safety and club culture.  Our policies are found at the bottom of this page.


1. Name
The name of the Club shall be DynoMites Incorporated.

2. Objects
a. The objects of the Club are to encourage mountaineering, rock climbing and allied activities, with an emphasis on Sports Climbing.
b. The Club aims to assist members with the preparation for and participation in Sports Climbing competitions, and general climbing related activities.


3. Classes
a. The Club shall consist of General, Honorary, and Student members, all of whom are entitled to attend general meetings and functions of the Club.

4. General Membership
a. The Club shall have a standard form to be completed for membership application.
b. The completed form and the accompanying payment for the annual subscription fee shall be forwarded to the Secretary for processing.
c. Any application for membership shall be placed before the committee for a decision whether or not to accept that application.
d. Upon approval by the committee the applicant shall be a member of the Club.

5. Honorary Members
a. The Club Committee may elect to Honorary Membership any person deemed to be making a significant contribution to the purposes of the club.
b. Honorary Members shall be exempt from the payment of subscriptions but apart from voting rights shall enjoy all rights of Membership.

6. Resignations
Any Member who is financial may resign by giving written notice to the Club Secretary.

7. Expulsion
After first giving the person an opportunity of being heard; the Club Committee may reprimand, suspend for any period; or expel from the Club; any Member who in the Club Committee's judgment has willfully infringed these Rules or any Regulation made there under; or who in the opinion of the club committee is guilty of conduct rendering that person unfit to be in the Club.


8. Club Committee
a. The power of overall management, direction and policy making for the Club shall be vested in the Club Committee.
b. The Club Committee shall comprise the President, Secretary, Treasurer and up to five members elected by the Annual General Meeting.
c. Three members of the Committee shall form a quorum.
d. In the event of a vacancy occurring on the Committee during the year, the Committee may continue with a reduced number of members, or may co-opt a club member to join the committee.
e. At any time the committee may co opt a member to undertake either a particular task or generally.

9. Minutes
Minutes of each General Meeting of the Club and each meeting of the Club Committee shall be recorded and confirmed at the next General Meeting of the Club or that Committee as the case may be.

10. Common Seal
The Common Seal of the Club shall be kept by the Club Secretary and affixed only pursuant to a resolution of the Club Committee and in the presence of the Club Secretary and one other member of such Committee both of whom shall sign the document to which the Seal is affixed.


11. Election of Office Holders
a. The positions of President, Secretary and Treasurer will be elected at the Club Annual General Meeting.
b. Any Member may nominate a candidate for these positions at the Annual General Meeting.
c. The Club Committee may fill until the next Annual General Meeting a vacancy occurring for these positions.


12. Annual General Meeting
a. The Club shall hold its Annual General Meeting in [April] each year or as soon as possible thereafter for the election of the Club Committee for the ensuing year, the presentation of the annual report, financial statements and safety report and for other business.
b. The Club Committee may at any time call a General Meeting of the Club.
c. A General Meeting shall be called upon a requisition presented to Secretary signed by 10 Members specifying the resolutions to be moved at the meeting requisitioned. Notices of the meeting shall be posted within 14 days of receipt of the requisition. The General Meeting shall be held within 60 days of the receipt of the requisition.

13. Notice and Quorum of General Meeting
a. At least 14 clear days' notice of a General Meeting shall be posted to every Member stating the time, place, and the business to be transacted at the meeting.
b. Three Members present at a General Meeting may elect a Chairperson and adjourn the meeting but no business shall be transacted unless 5 Members are present.

14. Voting and Proxies
a. Voting at a general meeting shall be by a show of hands, or if the Chairperson thinks it necessary, or if requested from the floor, by ballot.
b. Any Member unable to attend a general meeting may vote by proxy, written notice of which must be received by the Secretary by the day before the meeting.
c. A proxy vote must nominate another Club member attending the meeting to act on that person’s behalf.

15. Chairperson
a. At all General Meetings of the Club or meetings of the Club Committee the chair shall be taken by the President or, in the President's absence, the meeting shall elect a chairperson from Members present.
b. The Chairperson shall have an original as well as a casting vote.


16. Financial Year
The Club's financial year shall run from the first day of March to the last day of the following February.
a. Copies of the financial statements shall be included with the annual report sent to Members with the notice of the Annual General Meeting.
b. The financial statements shall include an Income and Expenditure Account, a Balance Sheet, a Source and Application of Funds Statement.
c. The Annual General Meeting may accept the financial statements without the need for a audit report, or may resolve to require an audit report.

17. Auditor
Should the Annual General Meeting require an audit report, the Club shall at the same Annual General Meeting, appoint an auditor who shall audit the Club's books of account and express an opinion as to the correctness of the financial statements presented at the Annual General Meeting. The Audit Report will be tabled at a General Meeting of club called for that purpose.

18. Subscriptions
a. The Club Committee shall in each financial year fix the annual subscription rate for Members, due and payable at the start of the next subscription year for each Member.
b. A Member whose subscription is not paid 2 months after the start of the subscription year for that Member shall be deemed to have resigned at the end of the previous subscription year.
c. The Club Committee may, upon terms as to payment of subscription(s) or otherwise as it thinks appropriate, reinstate any Member deemed to have resigned under paragraph b.
d. A Member who is a primary school student, or is a full-time secondary or tertiary student and is able to produce evidence of such, may pay a student subscription as set by the Club Committee.
e. The Club Committee may in appropriate circumstances remit in whole or in part the subscription of any Member.

19. Club Funds and Bank Accounts
a. The Club Committee shall control all Club funds, and shall open or authorize the opening of such bank accounts as it deems necessary.
b. All the Club's funds, shall be paid into the Club's bank accounts.

20. Investments
a. The Club Committee shall appoint a Finance Advisory Committee comprising the Treasurer and not less than two additional members, to assist with the investment of Club funds and provide advice on financial matters when requested.
b. The Finance Advisory Committee may invest any of the Club's funds for such terms as it may think fit and in doing so, it shall act prudently to:
i optimise investment returns while balancing risk and return considerations
ii ensure investments are liquid
iii preserve capital invested, and where possible, achieve capital growth
c. The Finance Advisory Committee shall furnish activity reports to the Club Committee twice yearly, or as required by Headquarters Committee.
d. A statement detailing investments held shall be included in the notes to the financial statements.

21. Borrowing Powers
The Club Committee may borrow for and in the name of the Club such sums and upon such terms as it deems necessary and may give as security for the repayment of the sums borrowed and interest thereon such security as it deems appropriate.

22. Assistance to Members
The Club Committee in its discretion and upon such terms as it sees fit shall have the power to provide assistance to Members in distress or otherwise requiring such assistance, in connection with climbing activities in New Zealand or overseas, provided that no part of the income and other funds of the Club is used or available to be used for the private pecuniary profit of any Member.


23. Notice
a. Where a notice required to be given under these Rules is sent by post, service of the notice shall be deemed to have been effected on the day after the date of its posting.
b. The expression "clear days notice" in respect of general meetings excludes the day on which the notice is served or deemed to be served and the day of the meeting.
c. Written notice, notification of a proxy vote and postal votes must be in writing and may be posted, faxed or emailed to Secretary.

24. Postal Voting
a. The issues upon which a vote is to be taken shall be circulated and vote papers sent to each Member not less than 21 days before the General Meeting.
b. Postal votes, in writing, clearly indicating the Members voting direction are to be returned to the Secretary not less than 7 days before the general meeting.
c. The Club Committee shall appoint 3 Members to be scrutineers, and at the voting deadline the Secretary shall hand the ballot papers to the scrutineers.
d. The validity of any vote shall be in the absolute discretion of the scrutineers and they shall count the votes and report the result to the Club Committee in time for the general meeting.

25. Rule Changes
a. Any Member or Section desiring to change the Club's Rules shall submit in writing the proposed rule change to the Secretary for consideration at the next meeting of the Club Committee.
b. The Secretary, following the meeting of the Club Committee, shall send the proposal together with the Club Committee's comments and/or recommendations on it to Sections.
c. At the discretion of the Club Committee or upon a requisition to the Secretary signed by [10] Members, a postal vote of Members shall be held to decide upon the proposed rule change.
d. If a postal vote is not required the proposed rule change shall then be included in the business to be transacted at the next Annual General Meeting, or at a Special General Meeting, and notice of the proposed rule change given accordingly.
e. No rule may be made, altered or deleted except by a majority of two thirds of the votes cast in a postal vote or of Members present or represented by proxy at a General Meeting.
f. No rule alteration, deletion or addition to the rules shall have the effect of altering the amateur sports promotion status of the Club.

26. Winding Up
a. Provided all its liabilities have been discharged the Club may be wound up by a resolution of a majority of Members present at a meeting convened for that purpose.
b. After being wound up, the funds and property of the Club are to be distributed by way of transfer as determined by a majority of Members present at the winding up meeting to an incorporated society or societies which have charitable objects similar to those of the Club [and which have been granted similar amateur sports promotion tax status].
c. No resolution to wind up the Club shall be valid unless it determines proper distribution of the Club's funds and property.

Founding rules established on 1 Nov 2002. 
Last amended on 8 May 2014.