Date Posted
25th Jun 2018

Mt Maunganui Success

Well done to everyone that competed at the National Bouldering Competition over the weekend in Mt. Maunganui. There was some really strong competition, which made it really exciting and a little nervy to watch at times! It really highlighted the massive depth of talent especially in the Youth C and B female groups with good numbers of really strong athletes spurring each other on to better and better performances.

We're really proud of how well the DynoMites team members role modeled such positive behaviours such as collaboration and supporting others. It was great to see everyone displaying these attributes and the collective success and friendships that develop as a result. 

We had 21 climbers in the finals and the following climbers made the podium: 

Masters - 2nd Eric Duggan, 3rd Mick Domaneschi

Junior Female - 3rd Ruby Friend

Youth A Male - 1st David Sheppard, 3rd Bryce Williams

Youth A Female - 3rd Grace FriendYouth B Female - 2nd Phoebe Kenderdine, 3rd Alia Robinson

Youth C Male - 1st Oskar Wolffe, 3rd Alex Ravens

Youth C Female - 3rd Meredith Butcher

Youth D Male - 2nd Cooper RobinsonYouth D Female - 3rd Harriette Butcher 

Amazing! Well done everyone!

A Big Shout Out

Climbing like many sports is powered by volunteers and DynoMites is no different. We would like to acknowledge the following people who gave their time and energy to make the weekend at Mt Maunganui possible for all our climbers: 

TreeFrog Sanders, Zil Yeaman, Andrea McDonald, Mick Domaneschi, Lyall Jellyman, Oil Wiles, Steven Butcher, Eric Duggan, Albert Cariño, Julia White, Adam Sutton, Kelda Robinson, Eugine Robinson, Judah Plester, Jo Gould, Rosa Friend, Vivienne Wolffe, Jenny Brownlie Williams. 

We thank you for:

  • Providing fair and expert judging for the competition
  • Coaching and supporting from early each morning until late at night
  • Sharing your knowledge, expertise and gear to enable outdoor climbing experiences
  • Getting everyone to the gym on time, even when times change
  • Driving for up to 15 hours over the weekend to get climbers to Mt Maunganui and back again
  • Making sure we had places to stay
  • Making sure we were watered and fed
  • Capturing photos to keep our memories alive
  • Searching for and finding gear when it was "misplaced"
  • Caring for any injuries 

Thanks also to the route setters, its never easy to get it right for such diversity, but they worked to the wee small hours of the mornings and also helped make it a great competition. 

Meanwhile in a far away place called Wellington…we also held a club night on Sunday 24 June for those who were not able to make the competition, so thank you to our volunteer coaches, Frank Foster, Nino Pankusz, Eesha Gugaz and Rory Wagner who held the fort and made this session possible at the same time. 

Coming Next...

2nd National Lead Climbing Competition 2018
Auckland -  Extreme Edge
28/29 July  

2nd National Boudering Competition 2018
Wellington - Hangdog
22/23 September 

The National Bouldering Competition that we are hosting in September will be a fantastic opportunity for any climbers who haven't had the chance to travel to compete in a National event yet. 

Soon we will be coming back asking for your support to make this happen, the more people that can help, even if just in a small way, the easier it is to be able to offer these opportunities for our climbers close to home. 

If there is anything that you would like to put your hand up for now, please don't wait, reach out and let us know!

Youth C and D finalists lining up to compete