Date Posted
29th Oct 2018

Dynomites 2108 National Championship Winners

Overall Dynomites Climbing Club won the 2018 National Championship with a total score of 9467

Everybody who competed in National Competitions contributed toward this score and our amazing first place result.

We are incredibly proud of how much you have all achieved this year, you've got there living the values of collaboration and supporting each other as well as demonstrating hard work and commitment that we love from Dynomites!

2018 National Bouldering Overall Champions

Masters - 1st Eric Duggan, 3rd Albert Cariño

Youth A Male - 2nd David Sheppard, 3rd Bryce Williams

Youth B Female - 2nd Phoebe Kenderdine, 3rd Joy Williams

Youth C Male - 1st Oskar Wolff, 3rd Mac Duggan

Youth C Female - 3rd Meredith Butcher

Youth D Male - 2nd Cooper Robinson 

Youth D Female - 3rd Harriette Butcher

2018 National Lead Climbing Overall Champions

Youth B Female - 1st Phoebe Kenderdine, 2nd Alia Robinson 

Youth C Male - 1st Oskar Wolff 

Youth D Male - 3rd Cooper Robinson

Youth D Female - 3rd Harriette Butcher