Date Posted
17th Oct 2020

Bouldering Bosses

Dynomites athletes went all out for the 2020 CNZ National Bouldering competition - one of the few comps that went ahead in 2020.  Fletcher McGrath & Toby Browne held 1st and 2nd in Youth D Male.  In a trifecta Jamie Birchler, Will Browne and Stephen Lam-Tran grabbed 1st, 2nd & 3rd in Youth C Male!  Jasmine Arnold-Clarke secured 1st in Youth C Female.  Youth B Male saw Fynn Marno-SImpson in 2nd and Mac Duggan with 3rd, whilst Meredith Butcher grabbed 3rd in Youth B Female.  Oskar Wolff secured 1st in Youth A Male & Bella Domaneschi held 3rd in Youth A Female.  Josh King was 3rd in Junior Male and Jamie Tervoort was 1st in Junior Female.  A solid effort all round!  Coach Lyall Jellyman also raised over $500 for Movember - top effort Lyall!