There are a number of different competitions held throughout NZ for climbers.


NIBs is an indoor bouldering competition run by the NZ Alpine Club throughout NZ each year.  It is a fun, all-abilities series.  Climbers keep their own score, so honesty is important in keeping the event fun. It's a great social community-based series and a great introduction to competition climbing.  

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Regional Competitions 

Regional competitions are held by climbing clubs and are run independantly of Climbing New Zealand.  These regional compeitions can take a range of formats but usually include Lead, Top Rope and Bouldering.

Climbers from other regions are welcome to participate in these competitions.    

Climbing New Zealand

CNZ compeitions are run around the country in the following categories: Bouldering, Lead and Para, Speed.  These events are run to the IFSC rules.  Competing in these competitions can lead to selection for the New Zealand teams.  

Please note, to compete in Climbing New Zealand (CNZ) organised National events, you need to be a member of a regional club affiliated to CNZ.  Dynomites is the affiliated climbing club for the Wellington region, New Zealand.

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Climbing New Zealand Domestic Licence

To be eligible to complete in CNZ National events, athletes also require a CNZ domestic license for the year they compete in.

The cost of this license is $20 (our annual Dynomites membership fee covers this cost for our members).

Athletes will be required to complete a CNZ Domestic Licence form prior to their first CNZ National competition each year.

Click here for CNZ Domestic Licence forms

Athletes are only required to complete one CNZ Domestic Licence form per year.