Coaching (Ages 9 - 18 only)

Dynomites offer a range of coaching for youth athletes aged 9 to 18 who would like to train in preparation for Regional and National climbing competitions.

To join coached training, athletes must be a member of Dynomites and have paid the annual membership fee for the calendar year.

Training sessions are held at Hangdog Rock Climbing Centre in Alicetown, Lower Hutt.

Requirements for joining Dynomites:

  • Minimum age of 9
  • Hangdog Top Rope licence (for safety reasons, athletes 9-12 that do not have this licence will be directed to join the Hangdog club, Stone Monkeys (click here to learn more), which is certified to teach and licence top rope belaying to this age group)
  • Willingness to train for climbing
  • Desire to compete in Regional & National Competitions

Coaching is open to climbers aged 9 - 18

Term Fee / $60 

Sessions /  During school terms only

                 /  6 - 8:30 pm Sundays (younger athletes are welcome to leave at 8 pm)

There are no specific squads at Dynomites, however training does have distinct phases that the athletes will move through if commitment and ability are evident. 

In foundation training, athletes are taught:

  • Competition rules of both bouldering and sport climbing (top rope & lead)
  • How to lead climb
  • How to lead belay (for those identified as mature enough to handle the responsibility)
  • The habit of warming up and following structured training
  • Climbing techniques & drills
  • Basic strength & conditioning exercises
  • Climbing safety (inside and outside)

Once these skills have been acquired and coaches are confident that the athlete can progress, they will be focusing more on development training.  This sees athletes that are dedicated to climbing and have demonstrated a high-level of motivation and focus see some individualisation in their training.  These athletes will demonstrate: 

  • A high level of motivation, focus and responsibility towards completing their planned training
  • Being a role model for younger Dynomites athletes, including warming up with the full Dynomites team on Sundays
  • Climbing/strength & conditioning sessions - 3-4 x per week (Sunday + 2-3 individual sessions a week)
  • Attendance to specialist workshops offered by Dynomites throughout the year