About Us

Dynomites is a climbing club for competition climbers in the Wellington region, New Zealand. Our club was founded to encourage rock climbing, mountaineering and allied activities, with an emphasis on sport climbing. We aim to assist members with preparation for and participation in sport climbing competitions, and general climbing related activities. Competition climbing is a great way to meet other climbers around New Zealand. Our volunteer coaches run a number of coached training groups for youth climbers (click here to learn more). Proudly affiliated with Climbing New Zealand.

Here are the amazing volunteers that we couldn't live without!

Mick Domaneschi
Michele Domaneschi - President / Coach
President / Coach
Karen Domaneschi
Andrea McDonald
Andrea McDonald - Secretary
Jenny Brownlie
Committee Member
Miranda Birchler
Committee Member
Lyall Jellyman
Lyall Jellyman - Committee Member / Coach
Committee Member / Coach
Adam Sutton
Adam Sutton - Coach
Safety Officer / Coach
Lindsay Wright-Johns
Frank Foster
Frank Foster - Coach
Rory Wagner
Rory Wagner - Coach