2019 CNZ National Youth Bouldering Championships

Event Details

Regisitration is now open on the Climbing New Zealand website


Climbing New Zealand Championships for all Youth grades plus Masters

Club membership and CNZ licence required

Event to crown national champions for 2019.

The competition will be run in the IFSC format for all age groups. I.e. 5 boulders for the qualifier and 4 boulders for the finals.Qualifiers will be on Sat 3rd, and Finals will be on Sun 4th August.The preliminary timetable for the event is as follows

Qualifications – Sat

07:45 – 10:00    YC and YD

11:30 – 13:20    YB and Masters

15:00 – 16:50    YA and Junior

Finals- Sun

09:00 – 10:30    YC and YD

11:30 – 13:00    YB and Masters

14:30 – 16:00    YA and Junior

These times will change depending on the number of entries for each category.


Qualifiers (all categories)
There is one qualifying round (5 problems) per category.
Each competitor has 5 mins to make as many attempts as possible to reach the top of the problem. 
In between problems each competitor has 5 mins rest (on a chair in competition zone) during which they are not allowed to observe other competitors bouldering. 
Competitors may not receive any information about the climbs during this resting time.

Finals (all categories)
The top 6 climbers in each category go through to Finals (4 problems).
Isolation Zones.
Cycle through problems in pairs (Male/Female).
Climbers alternating isolation zones between cycles. 
Each cycle is 4 mins per problem.
Climbers' attempts end when their 4 mins are up.
We are allowing for 30 mins per cycle.